In order to complete your request, you must complete the form and send it via email to or by fax to 787-789-2180. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 787-789-1996.


Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information

Form to authorize Salus to disclose protected health information.

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Personal Representative Appointment

This form will be used for patients to appoint the persons who will represent them in various processes with Salus.

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Revocation of Authorization Form

This form is used for revoking or confirming the revocation of a previously granted authorization.

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Confidential Communication Request Form

This form is used for documenting an individual's request to use alternative channels or addresses to send their information.

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Disclosure Report Request Form

This form is for requesting a report on protected health information disclosures.

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Request for Restriction on the Use or Disclosure of Information

This form is used to request a restriction on the use or disclosure of information pertaining the individual requesting the restriction.

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Amendment Request Form

This form serves to document the request to amend the information kept by us or by our business partners

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Grievance Form

This form will be used by individuals to file their grievances regarding our compliance with privacy practices.

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Non-urgent Medical Treatments

Consent by Proxy Form for the non-urgent medical treatment of minors

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