Protecting Your Skin from the Sun

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During summertime –or all year long, if you live in a tropical island like Puerto Rico,— we tend to engage in more outdoor activities, such as going to the beach. Having fun under the sun has its physical and mental benefits. Sunlight provides us with vitamin D, which is an essential nutrient. And spending time outdoors improves our general mood. However, too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can have serious consequences, including conditions like skin cancer.

Here we share with you some suggestions and measures you can take to protect your skin as much as possible when spending time outdoors.

Select the right sunscreen

There are many sunscreen products available in the market, so making a choice can be daunting. Look at the label and make sure your product will protect you against both UVA and UVB rays. This type of sunscreen will usually be labeled as “broad-spectrum”. You should also look at the SPF, which is the level of protection offered by the product. The higher the number, the more protection it provides. For example, an SPF 50 sunscreen will offer sufficient protection if applied correctly.

Apply your sunscreen product correctly

Regardless of whether your sunscreen product is a cream or a spray, make sure to apply a generous amount in every area of skin exposed to the sun. Also, remember to reapply frequently if you spend a prolonged time outdoors, especially if you’re engaged in activities where you’re sweating or getting wet. In such cases, a good guideline would be to reapply sunscreen once an hour.

Use sunscreen even if it’s cloudy outside

You should apply sunscreen even if the day is overcast or if you’re spending your time in the shade. Ultraviolet rays can pass through the clouds and bounce off reflective surfaces, such as water, which makes them stronger.

Use a wide-brimmed hat

Although it is no substitute for sunscreen since it won’t cover your entire skin, a wide-brimmed hat can provide added protection for your face. Remember: exposing your skin to sunlight without adequate protection can also lead to premature signs of aging.

Consider sun protective clothing

There are certain garments —like shirts, pants, and hats— that provide protection against ultraviolet rays. These items are usually rated based on their level of protection. Search for garments labeled with a rating of at least UPF 50.

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