How to Manage Allergies When You Have Pets at Home

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Pets are part of our family. They are our companions and give us love and moments of joy. However, they are also known to create certain particles that may cause allergies in some humans. In some cases, the symptoms could be mild: watery eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing, and itchy throat. But others may cause more severe symptoms, similar to those of an asthma attack, such as heavy coughing and shortness of breath.

It is frequently assumed that pet fur —such as dog hair or cat hair— is the culprit for these allergies. But this type of allergen is actually present in proteins found in the dander produced by the pets’ skin. Dander particles are so small that they can remain floating in the air. This is why we may experience allergy symptoms even without coming into direct contact with the pet. These allergens can also be found in the pet’s saliva and their urine. That being said, you can still take steps to minimize any uncomfortable symptoms while continuing to enjoy your beloved pet’s company to the max.

Install a HEPA air filter

These filters can remove small particles from the air we breathe, including the pet dander that causes allergies. Although it is difficult to eliminate them completely, it will help reduce the number of particles floating around your home.

Clean frequently

Cleaning your home is your best bet when you have both pets and allergies. Prioritize the surfaces where your pets spend most of their time, such as beds, the carpet, or the couch. You should also vacuum regularly. Consider getting an automatic vacuum that you can run every day to keep the allergens from accumulating.

Try to keep your bedroom a pet-free zone.

Train your pet so they won’t go into your room or sleep there. This is the space where you should feel most comfortable, and if you keep it pet-free, you can significantly reduce the amount of allergens floating around you when you sleep.

Wash your hands and face frequently

Washing your hands and face thoroughly is a good practice, especially after being in direct contact with your pet. This helps reduce the amount of allergens that can cling to our skin.

Visit your doctor

A health care professional who specializes in allergies can help you find treatment options to reduce your symptoms.

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